Compare And Contrast Victorian Era And Modern Era

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The Victorian age and the Modern Literature era are two very different times for the literature world. Each era had a big impact through literature, politics, and economics. The Victorian era was a time of change during the reign of Queen Victoria between 1837 to 1901. The Modern Literature era also known as the Twentieth Century and After increased popularity in literature due to the rise of industrialization and globalization from roughly about the 1910 's to the 1990 's. Even though, both of these eras made an impact towards the way people see literature, their literature work is very different in terms of themes, subjects, purposes, and techniques. The Victorian era was the time period after the Romantic era, it went from poems, plays…show more content…
The Victorian age themes were mostly focus on cultural identity, domesticity, imperialism, and industrialization. The themes in this era were mostly reflected along being conflicted of one self. One of the famous authors from the time was Elizabeth Barrett Browning who wrote the "The Cry of the Children." The poem reflected industrializations because it made child labor very popular when the world started creating new machines and work places. It was a tragedy for children to experience child labor because they should have been enjoying life instead of risking their lives. On the other hand, for the Modern Literature era it mostly based on the World Ward II and the themes of loss, despair, political and destitution. Samuel Beckett was famous for his play "Waiting for Godot" it reflected one of the themes in this time period despair, the absence of hope when the two gentleman were suicidal waiting for someone who wasn 't even…show more content…
The Victorian era was more about social class and the economy; on the other hand, the Modern Literature was about showing what the world really looked like. Each era wanted to make a change in the world, they wanted to make an impact on the readers. Therefore, they wrote about politics, gender equality, economics, and social class. The Victorian age was from 1837 to 1901, it was a time of change during the ruling of Queen Victoria. The Modern Literature era also known as the twentieth century and after was from 1910 's to 2000 's in which increased popularity in literature due to the increasing of industrialization and globalization. Both of these eras made an impact towards world of literature, they showed either how the world was really like or they showed how the economic and social class. They may be different eras but they still had a chance to impact the world with there themes, subjects, purposes, and
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