The Roles of School Resource Center Essay

The Roles of School Resource Center Essay

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The first role of school resource center is is as a curricular activities center. It can be said school resource center exists through and for the school curriculum. Tilke states that the curriculum is often referred to as though it were a collection of subjects that appear on the timetable of schools but another way of looking at the curriculum is as all the experiences that school provides (as cited in Bartlett, Burton and Peim, 2002, p. 56). The school curriculum can be divided into three broad areas which is formal stated curriculum, emotional, behavioural and social curriculum together wider or hidden curriculum (Tilke, 2002). Formal stated curriculum its content may be easily to identifiable especially if there is a state or legislated codified curriculum that govern all schools in a given area. It may be that official documents form the basis of a librarians survey of the schools own curriculum, followed by general school documents, supplemented by detail that may be found in departmental date and handbooks. Emotional, behavioural and social curriculum can also be found in official information. Again, options or particular applications for the individual school will mean that the librarian needs to consult a schools own documentation for supplementary, specific information and talk to colleagues in the school. It will also assist with providing resources to enable students to develop an understanding of acceptable bounds. Wider or hidden curriculum will exist in school but information on or about it may not be forthcoming, at least in detail. To gather helpful information about what it is will involve the librarian in using advanced information-handling skills (akin to those of a private detective, perhaps), identifying ...

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...17 Mar. 2014.

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