Essay on The Roles Of Quality Control

Essay on The Roles Of Quality Control

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The roles of quality control can trace its roots all the way to medieval Europe. During the end of the 13th century up until the early 19th century, craftsmen throughout medieval Europe formed themselves into unions based on their craft. These unions were called guilds. They became responsible for developing strict rules and specifications for the quality of the products and services they produced. Quality inspectors enforced the rules by marking properly crafted goods with a special mark or symbol. The process grew from that point gradually with time and as industry itself evolved so did the role of quality control. The next notable change didn’t come until the onset of the factory system in Great Britain during the 1750’s. A product of their industrial revolution it began to divide the craftsmen to specialize on one particular task. This specialization forced these craftsman into becoming factory and shop owners into becoming supervisors. Because of this shift the quality of the factory system was dependent on the skill of the laborers and supplemented through the use of audits and inspections. Meanwhile, in America during the 1800’s the Industrial revolution was helping to further evolve the way quality was being done in the states. Having once followed both the craftsmanship method and the factory system, that were being used in Europe. The Americans found their stride using what would come to be known as the Taylor System. Developed by Frederick W. Taylor the goal was to increase productivity without increasing the number of skilled craftsmen. He accomplished this by assigning factory planning to specialized engineers as well as using both craftsman and supervisors to carry out the plans of those engineers. The down fall of t...

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...faction.” (Feigenbaum Foundation, 2013) His principles of TQM were as follows:
• Quality is the customer’s perception of what quality is, not what a company thinks it is.
• Quality and cost are the same not different.
• Quality is an individual and team commitment.
• Quality and innovation are interrelated and mutually beneficial.
• Managing Quality is managing the business.
• Quality is a principal.
• Quality is not a temporary or quick fix but a continuous process of improvement.
• Productivity gained by cost effective demonstrably beneficial Quality investment.
• Implement Quality by encompassing suppliers and customers in the system
These are essentially the principles that have started the concern for quality in industry. Although the methods were not originally started in the construction industry there implementation has become a corner stone of our business.

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