Kaoru Ishikawa's Influence in Quality Management

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Kaoru Ishikawa was a very influential man in quality management. Ishikawa began his career as a professor at a Japanese University. He lived from 1915 until his death in 1989. Although Ishikawa made many contributions to quality management, he is best known for his cause and effect diagram, known as the “fishbone diagram”. ("Kaoru Ishikawa: the," 2009) The significance of the fishbone diagram is that it is a simple graphical method for presenting a chain of causes and effects and for sorting out causes and organizing relationships between variables. (Evans & Lindsay, 2008)

The fishbone diagram is probably one of the most influential contributions from Kaoru Ishikawa throughout the world, as it is used in many different work settings. When a company implements the fishbone diagram it allows them to see all possible causes of a result and they can hopefully find the root of process imperfections.

Ishikawa is also known for his key ideas in user friendly quality control, the implementation of quality circles, and his emphasis on the internal customer. Ishikawa took an alre...