The Roles Of People On Welfare Essay

The Roles Of People On Welfare Essay

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Overall from stage two the roles of people on welfare shrank. In 1995, nine million of the fourteen and a half million children than poor were in families that received assistance. Stage three was the beginning of the never ending war between liberals and conservatives view on the welfare reform (Edelman). The number of people on welfare was and still is the conservatives main point of argument anytime the topic is brought up. More conservatives wanted to turn more people away from welfare to show that not everyone needs welfare. Conservative states could not turn away anyone whom the federal statute defines as eligible for assistance. COnservatives states had to follow the federal government on some occasions, but the level of benefits has always been left to the states. By level of benefits, that means the amount of money received by a welfare recipients. It has been proven, however, that not even the most generous states could pull people out of poverty using welfare benefits (Edelman). The conservatives won the battle when the power of the bureaucrats was dramatically lessened. The power being lessened gave the states far freer rein on how to allocate welfare money. Being able to allocate the money saved the states nine billion dollars annually (Conservative). The liberals, however, got service lawyers sand newly receptive federal courts to force welfare officials, in many but not all states, to grant benefits to large numbers of people who had previously been rejected from applying to benefits (Edelman). The conservatives wanted to keep the numbers in check but here was never a true effort to help the people on welfare to obtain education and training, and to find and keep jobs (Edelman). This war between the liberals and con...

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...ew bill. This bill could have accomplished several things but the one thing it never fixed was the people who abuse the welfare programs (Conservatives). The people that just sit around and do nothing everyday of their life is not trying to make a living for themselves. Those people are not accomplishing anything but how to live off the taxpayer dollars. When normal people, those that make a decent living for themselves, go to the store or buy something, they are paying for all those who sit at home. That small amount of tax they pay everyday is going to the lazy people, like the welfare queen, who do nothing but live off the government. The people like that should not be allowed to be on welfare. Those kind of people should suffer or simply get off their butts and go make a living. Who would have a kid just to put them through a rough life just to receive benefits?

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