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Roles And Tasks Of Social Work Essay example

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Within this essay I will begin by critically examining the roles and tasks of social workers across different settings, looking at the changes being made from policies and reports being published. I will also review social work through an international and historical perspective, looking at how social work globally is different to that we know of within the UK, and how social work has developed because of key pivotal moments throughout history.
To say the roles and tasks of a social worker were simple would surely bring out the opinion of many tired and overworked social workers that feel that statement is not at all correct. Not only is the profession extraordinary complex, it brings with it a sense of expectation or presumption that labels social workers no matter what level they work at. To those who understand how challenging this area of work is, would have a very critical and detailed outline of what is expected from a social worker. The College of Social Work believed:
‘social workers play a pivotal and often leading role in safeguarding people’s rights, building relationships to support and empower children, adults and families to make important choices about the direction of their lives’ (ibid.)
Although this statement may be quite vague and simple, I believe it is a good starting point to what roles social workers carry out. I believe social workers to be professional advocates that build bridges between service user and a network of services and organisations. They are tasked to bring services together to improve the lives of those they help through an abundant of knowledge, emotional intelligence, analytical skills and authority in a holistically approach. (TCoSW 2014 p.3) Yet I believe this, as I have knowledge an...

... middle of paper ... with social workers trying to help the community around them, building relationships between service users and social workers by promoting respect, trust and empowerment, and aiding those they work with to help people better themselves and the ways they are living. Comparing the movement to the early days, social work has grown at an expediential rate, with so much changing in such a short amount of time. Yet, social work is still young in comparison with other professions such as medical care. We can see this through how practice is still being developed today in an aid to provide the best service possible. I believe without the Settlement Movement, social work that we know today may not have been as advanced or at the level it is now. It brought together aims of listening to those who needed help, and responding in a way that was both beneficial and positive.

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