The Roles and Influence of Political Parties

The Roles and Influence of Political Parties

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A political party is a type of organization that performs government policies. They basically pick out candidates to be seated in political office. Political parties are made up of people who help get things organize to do things like win elections, operate the government, and keep policies running smoothly. Political parties are the major people behind government. Political parties are the main actors in the bargaining process that leads to the formation of different types of government. (Puy, 2013) They work hard to help their candidates win elections.
Political parties select candidates for many different positions dealing with the government. They use a process which they call primary to help pick candidates to put up for a general election. Some primaries that are held to pick candidates for things in state offices, such as governors the winner automatically is the candidate to represent that party. In other situations this is just part of the selection. The biggest election is held at a convention, which they have a big gathering of leaders. The convention nomination process is controlled by what happen in the primaries.
Political parties look at all issues and points and criticize them on how they look at other parties. They use publicity to get the word out to citizens to inform them of what is going on with important issues and they present different ways that they can solve those problems. This is a great way to involve the people in the government. People who affiliate with a political party usually support most of the party's positions--at least more than they support the positions of the other party. (Political Parties, 2014)
I feel that political parties are very beneficial for several reasons. One of the main reasons are they put together programs and policies. Political parties have a very big responsibility. They are making sure society and politics see eye to eye. They let the people know that there are different choices to be made when it comes to the political side of things.
Political parties pick up on things from society; this is pretty much what they are working with. Trying to help maintain and make things better. There are so many demands out there that are being made and are causing conflictions. This is where political parties step in. They are able to discuss the issues that are going on and find alternative ways to put them into policy. This along makes them a very important part of the political process.

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Political parties are the main people when it comes to finding recruits for the government and other offices. They do get criticized for picking their own people, but reality is they have to do what is best, by picking people that are responsible and knowledgeable to fit those positions. Political parties need to be more coherent and programmatic participators in government, and that the ties of individual voters to parties need to be made deeper and more evidently influential in voting decisions. (Ladd, 1994)
Not always do political parties succeed in what they are doing. I do agree that they should not pick their leaders based on their own personal likes, but rather than by doing the things the right way. They should always connect with society and pick leaders that are mainly focused on their concerns and making the situation better. Being a person I know that we will sometimes make decisions based on what we like or dislike instead of what is right. This is why there are so many things that need to be corrected in this world today.
It’s easy to say that we will go about doing the right thing. In a political parties case this would be to fix the economy and makes things better or try to at least. I believe that there are more American citizen out there that do not know what is going on with the government than there are that do. This could be because some does not take this matter very seriously. There are a lot of us out there that don’t even vote. Not realizing that every vote count and it does matter. Political parties can be at times damaging to us when we are not involving ourselves to help better things. Other than that I feel that political parties are way more beneficial than they are detrimental.

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