Essay on The Role Of Fathers Influence On Children

Essay on The Role Of Fathers Influence On Children

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The role of fathers has changed over time, from only being considered as financial support, through being the breadwinners of the household, to spending more leisure time at home with family and becoming a caregiver. Both the mother and father in a household have vital influences on children growing up, through the loving supportive environment they create in their household. This essay will discuss the ways in which fathers influence children directly, indirectly and through a multidimensional contribution.

Father’s roles are a constantly changing concept, the way that father’s interact with children has developed as the idea of the breadwinner in the family is less necessary, through the way that society has developed so that mothers are able to be in the workforce means that fathers are able to share the caregiving duties. Being able to spend more leisure time at home means that the relationship between child and father has transformed into being an affection companionship. Attachment theorists believe this companionship is more playful, persistent and supportive for autonomy compared to mother relationships.

Not only has the relationship between father and child adapted, but the way in which society considers you to be a father has altered, as family situations have changed. People are moving away from the typical nuclear family model, where both mother and father are married and live together, and towards many varying situations that suit the family. Examples of these types of situations are ‘cohabiting fathers,’ these are fathers that live with the mother but are not married to the mother. This situation tends to be single mothers that live with another adult, this type of person creates a father figure in the child’s li...

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...rect pathways of influence such as “martial support and parental psychological functioning,” as a multidimensional outlook on fathering. These studies are very important, but studies about fathering is also very limited. All the NICHD SEYCCD studies are on two parent intact families and so they do not consider the different affects and influences other types of fathering has.

Fathering is an important role in every child’s life, whether it is actually having a father that lives with or without the child, or having a father figure. Downer addresses the ways that father’s roles have changed and adapted over time to become more involved in the child’s life. Through direct, indirect and multidimensional pathways, we can begin to understand how much of an influence fathering is, yet there is still more to research to be able to fully understand the effect of fathers.

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