The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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In the novel, The Road, Cormac McCarthy illustrates the expressions, settings and the actions by various literary devices and the protagonist’s struggle to survive in the civilization full of darkness and inhumanity. The theme between a father and a son is appearing, giving both the characters the role of protagonist. Survival, hope, humanity, the power of the good and bad, the power of religion can be seen throughout the novel in different writing techniques. He symbolizes the end of the civilization or what the world had turned out to be as “The Cannibals”. The novel presents the readers with events that exemplify the events that make unexpected catastrophe so dangerous and violent. The novel reduces all human and natural life to the condition of savagery and temporary survival. McCarthy uses colour imagery to describe how grey, pale and miserable everything was. He uses “carrying the fire “which represents people who have a flame of humanity left alive in their hearts. The metaphor explains the readers about how most of the people were dishearten in the journey of horrid remnants of humanity. In the novel, The Road by Cormac McCarthy elaborates not only the settings and the actions but also the love between a father and a son which is present even around the time of ultimate inhumanity and the stubborn desire to struggle to stay alive in the apocalyptic world and manipulate different writing techniques such as literary devices and characterization to explain the negative aspects of humanity.
The man, although knowing he will be dead, wanted to live in order to refrain his son from all sorts of obnoxious activities. He will undoubtedly suicide if the son is harmed in any way. The man’s love and support drives the son to strugg...

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...his world. McCarthy uses characterization and literary devices to give his readers a clear message on the apocalyptic world. He does not fail to impress his readers with his setting and actions, but also the bond and life he brings to his story.

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