The Role Of Dual Enrollment Courses On College Students Essay

The Role Of Dual Enrollment Courses On College Students Essay

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In the chaos of Greek life, Saturday night parties, and shock culture, is the foundation of all colleges; education. Dual enrollment courses are all unique and each prepare students for college in some way. The dual enrollment courses offered to students at George Wythe High School can be put into three major categories: the vigorous, the insightful, and the amusing.
Although all college courses are vigorous and require an abundance of effort and focus there are a few classes that seemed to completely knock the vigorous label out of the park. Introduction to Communication 110 not only prepares students for college, but allows them a window into their future, as educated citizens. CTS 110 was vigorous in a way otherwise unimaginable unless you are engrossed in the class dynamics. In speech class, scholars are required to give six speeches. Attached to each speech is a grueling grading scale in which the professor establishes a grade from. Although the courses are intense they are instrumental in preparing students for their college experiences. English 111 is the birth place of time management masters. Days were filled with reading, grammar worksheets, essay writing, and overwhelming stress as students pushed themselves to work harder than they ever had. Not only were students pushed mentally but physically as they climbed five flights of stairs in order to reach the classroom door on the third floor. It paid off in the end as students became excellent writers, gained leg muscle, and equipped with a new understanding of the English language.
There always has to be the dual enrollment classes that amuse scholars. These courses are still quite difficult and supply high schoolers with the tools to enter college, but ...

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...required to post discussions and respond to others on a daily basis along with submitting countless responses to essay questions. These discussions and debates allowed students to really view others opinions on several important issues, which strengthened opinions and created new ones. Through courses like these students are given the opportunity to create their own opinions about certain topics and really evolve their beliefs and morals.
So far, I’ve learned how to give eight-minute speeches, analyze human behavior, and ramble off all the bones in the body and that’s only the beginning. Dual enrollment courses have provided students with the knowledge and essential experience that they will use at a four-year college. Regardless if a course is vigorous, insightful, or amusing all aid in the molding of a college student who is prepared academically and mentally.

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