Robotics and Automation in Construction Industry: Roles, Challenges and Uses.

Robotics and Automation in Construction Industry: Roles, Challenges and Uses.

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1. Introduction
Construction industry in most countries amounts to 10–20% of the GNP, making it the largest economic employing sector. Construction work is labor intensive. Robots are used widely to help human workers in construction sites. They demonstrate an autonomous and simple approach to construction. Therefore, construction robotics has been a very hot research area in the construction industry [1].
The main goal of this paper is to convince the entire construction world to incorporate robotic systems when managing modern buildings to save manpower and improve efficiency. The objectives of this paper include:
• Studying recent applications and projects for using robots and automation in the construction industry.
• Setting opportunities and challenges facing the use of robots in the construction industry.
• Studying about companies which have Robots and how they are faring.
• Setting framework for better planning and control of construction operations.

2. The Construction Industry

There must be changes in Construction Industry. These changes are important because people are shifting to cities. Table 1 shows the necessary information as how it was in 1995 and how it is in 2015. If we observe the developing countries there is 11% rise in 2 decades as compared to others. This shows that even developing countries are shifting to cities for their employment. These cities need the most Construction work for their development. But these cities impose their own requirements on Construction management.
In Germany, production in construction has fallen 35% in 5 years; 15% in 3 years in Netherlands. The main reason for this is because of “chip” and “chip industry” which has completely changed the society as a whole. Th...

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