Rivalry Between John Adams and Thomas Paine

Rivalry Between John Adams and Thomas Paine

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Novangelous, Common Sense, and Socioeconomic Equality
There is a great rivalry between john Adams and Thomas Paine while it did not affect their resolve to be free from England, but it did greatly show their motives in wanting a revolution. They key issue in their deep unbending political division was over socioeconomic equality
To compare john Adams in his role as Novangeous and Thomas Paine in his famous pamphlet common sense, the focus must be on their views of fiscal equality and social fallout.
The British system of power shared among the monarchy, aristocracy, and commons for which Adams actively advocated. Paine’s hatred for the crown and all it stands for and his loyalties with the common folk immediately set them off on the wrong foot.
Adams advocates for a complex system of checks and balances, while Paine destroyed the original concept as found in the British constitution during the revolution destroying its credibility. Thus forcing the founding fathers to rename it and shroud the concept in secrecy before reinsertion.
In addition, while both were part of international relations and bringing Americas message to the rest of the world. Adams went to Britain to mend bridges with the king of England and collect support. Paine is instead delegated to France to prevent him from leading a second American revolution against the founding fathers.
To reinforce, while Adams is interested in building America’s government, Paine is still trying delegitimizing all government and bringing about Lockean natural law. Which during the revolution was necessary but is also the key reason for his almost exile to France during the drawing up of the American constitution.
Paine’s hatred of the monarch of Britain stemmed from his upbringing as a poor common peasant in England and upon his immigration to America the taxes he saw as intolerable. Meanwhile, Adams born under better conditions admired the British constitution and was all for enacting it in America separate of Brittan.
The Adams family would go down in history as a historically important and political key part of the American system. While Paine fades into history losing his once popular seat at the ear of the early colonial American politics.

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While both John Adams and Thomas Paine are compatriots during the revolutionary war to gain America’s freedom from the British. There is a great gap between their plans for what to do with the country after the revolution is won.
In summary, while John and Thomas were allies during the birth of the nation they were on unlike sides entirely with their views of how a government should affect the socioeconomics of the nation with the most benefit to the people of the 13 colonies.
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