Risks of Single Sign-on (SSO) Password Systems Essay

Risks of Single Sign-on (SSO) Password Systems Essay

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The use of the internet and internet related technology is expanding and growing. Many businesses, and institutions such as schools, hospitals, and hotels are incorporating the use of the internet in almost all their functions. It would be important at this point to define the term internet, which can be referred to as a collection of networks that are particularly used instructions known as Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to communicate. (Stroud, 29-32). It has also been defined as a wide set of networks that are not dependent, and are interconnected to give it’s the appearance of a single and uniformed network." (National Research Council, 54)
The internet has become an integral part of the lives of many individuals all around the globe. Internet usage in the world has been accelerated by the ease brought bout in its usage. The internet provides vast amount of information at just a click of a button. The use of the internet has grown to become a delivery mechanism for massive amounts of multimedia information to a global audience. It is used in business transactions, with the use of the internet to do business being referred to as e-commerce. (Stroud, 60) E-commerce is increasingly expanding, as well as the materialization of new forms of networking, and the possibility of the mush low-priced terascale computing. (Standage, T. 165-180)
The internet has become more widespread than ever in history. As at June 30th the Internet world statistics stood at approximately 2.5 billion users representing 34% of the whole the world’s population. A new report by UN’s international Telecommunications Union revealed the extensive growth in the internet. According to the study the body revealed...

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