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ESSAY PLAN Australia’s needs in the internet age are not being met by current copyright law. Discuss. INTRODUCTION • Re-word the statement about current copy right laws in Australia not being met by our current updates in the internet. • Clearly state my argument • Define what copyright is and refer to legislation. • Explain the previous and current internet age • Identify the issues in Australia due to copyright laws and the internet • Briefly mention the journal articles or books to support the argument BODY PARAGRAPH 1 (COPYRIGHT LAWS) • Discuss the current copyright laws • Discuss the previous copyright laws • Compare the differences • Have they met our current internet age? Are they kept updated? • Refer to a journal article for evidence • Explain how the article is related to the topic sentence. BODY PARAGRAPH 2 (TECHNOLOGY) • Copyright issues with electronic media • Electronic media has stretched copyright rules • Harder to restrict from the internet • Refer to the Copyright Act 1968 which was amended • Copyright Amendment Act 2006 • Refer to a journal article for evidence of copyright issues and technology • Explain how the article is related to the topic sentence BODY PARAGRAPH 3 (SOCIAL) • Moral rights • Protects the reputations of those who initially created the work so those who alter it don’t take credit for the original. • How these laws protect us • Why they are so important to have • Discuss of imports of moral rights in relation to copy right • Refer to a journal article in relation to moral rights and copyright • Explain how the article is related to the topic sentence CONCLUSION • Therefore/In conclusion • With the use of different journal articles we have found that Australia’s current internet age is no... ... middle of paper ... to choose a journal article and answer questions based on it, I enjoyed this task as it taught me a lot about how to read and understand legislations. Folio 4 was to find a case study that related to your topic, which I found difficult as my topic was very vague. Folio 5 was the most complicated task out of them all; it took a lot of time to complete this folio and caused the most confusion and stress when completing it. Did not enjoy doing folio 5, and found that lecture notes, lecture recordings and the information provided on it wasn’t enough. However, folio 6 was the conclusion which I enjoyed doing as throughout the folio’s I had a lot planned for the conclusion in my head already. However, overall I found that doing these folio’s have taught me a lot about legislations and cases, how to understand them, interpret them and then relate them to each other.

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