The Rise Of The Aztec Empire Essay

The Rise Of The Aztec Empire Essay

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What were the decisive factors that led to the fall of the Aztec empire? Your answer should make reference to the social and political contexts of the region as well as the military campaign.

In this essay I am going to give a brief overview about the Aztecs and then talk about the factors that led to the fall of this empire.

The Aztecs ruled from 14th century and their power expanded into Guatemala. The Aztec empire had a powerful military tradition, long-range trading and spy system and complex religious institutions that no one would have thought it would have fallen in less than two years. The fall of the Aztecs were a decisive event during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
The Aztecs was the name used to call a tribe in the northern Mexico. The Aztecs capital of Mexico or the so called Tenochtitlan was a population of roughly 150000 and 200000 people. Tenochitlan was a very large city in the world.

For a period of time, the Aztecs were submissive to their neighbours in Azcapotzalco. The Aztecs were led by their chief Itzcoatl during the 1430s roughly the Aztecs joined the rival city state of Texcoco and the smaller town of Tlacopan to destroy Azcapotzalco and conquest it. Leading their victory in this year they formed a Triple Alliance however over a period of time, the power was handed over to one city that was most powerful, this was the Tenochtitlan, Tenochtitlan was then the heart of the Aztec civilization, however Texcoco was made a partner but Tlacopan was decreased to a satellite.

There were many factors that led to the fall of the Aztec empire such as sacrifices, diseases, religion, greed
For the purposes of this essay I am going to focus on three factors that affected the decline of the Aztec civilisation.


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...ifth Sun, and also even whilst the empire had fallen Cortes was still demanding for the return of the gold lost in ‘La Noche Triste’, this was when the leader Cortes and his army battled the Mexican capital at Tenochtitalan after Moctezuma passed away, the gold was kept by Cortes “the remaining gold all fell to the King’s officials” and some sent to the country.
Rape, murder and dismemberment as well as the factors listed that contributed to the fall of the Aztecs turned Tecnochtitlan into a killing field until Spaniards cornered the final Aztec tloatoani and his surviving troops in Tlatelolco
the fall of the Aztec Empire also marked the end of the Mesoamerican civilization. There was then a new race that was about to begin, for example a New Spain, a new nation: Mexico flourished as an outcome of the fall of the Aztec’s empire and both Mesoamerica and Europa

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