Why Did The Aztec Empire Fall Essay

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The Aztec empire fall was dependent on many factors and those factors would be dependent on who you ask. Different people have different point of views on why the Aztec empire fell when it did and this is solely dependent of the background of that particular person. With this being the case, Aztecs, Conquistadors and regular Indians viewed the same event in different ways based off of their beliefs, thoughts and interactions with each other.
A non-Aztec or Indian may think that the reason the Aztec empire fell was because of their strategies and techniques associated with how they dealt with their neighbors. The Aztecs were extremely concerned with human sacrifice and many of the times that persuaded them to make decisions regarding their neighbors. Once the Aztecs captured Indians they would make them pay tribute (labor and sacrifice) instead of integrating them into Aztec society. If they would
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In the fertile valleys or high plateaus the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs built communities and villages practicing sedentary lifestyles. They had for the most part “permanent, intensive agriculture.” (Lane and Restall 2012) This allowed them to produce complex foods that benefitted the villages because it made them possible but it also resulted in social stratification. “Agricultural activities of the majority allowed a minority to live and work as artisans, merchants, warriors, nobles and royalty – permitting the development of writing, metallurgy, bureaucracy, and other features of high civilization.” More specifically, the Mayans were able to create the most complete of the three Mesoamerican writing systems, “one that was still used in the early sixteenth century.” (Lane and Restall 2012) They were also able to expand, but their expansion would also be their demise. Because they were so large -- filled with regional kingdoms and empires -- the Spanish were easily able to conquer

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