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The Rise and Fall of Rome, affected the world then and now. Rome 's rise in 753-30 B.C is widely mythologized. However evidence suggests that the Latins, Sabines, and Etruscans tribes came together and formed a foundation for the Empire. The Etruscans played a vital role on the cities geography, architecture, government, trade, and agriculture. Excellent schools created by the Etruscans, provided a wonderful education for the wealthy. By the sixth century B.C., most of Rome 's famous institutions, would form the Forum to the Senate. Finally in 1150 B.C. Rome is established. Due to the founding of The Republic in 509 B.C., the era of Roman kings came to a end. In this year the Romans supposedly expelled the last Etruscan king. Due to this, the Romans replaced the old monarchy and put a Republic that lasted until 30 B.C. Then Rome became the dominant Western power, it seized territories throughout the Mediterranean, created an efficient and enormous army, and finally started to manage all of the many properties that had been acquired. However this time of peace and bliss for the Empire was non existent, from 460-360 B.C., Rome had constant wars. Then the Romans changed the government again putting into place a new Republican form. At this time, a major social conflict had been keeping Rome 's
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hand full, as the plebeian class began fighting for more power and freedom. Around 509 B.C.,the Romans expelled the Etruscans, with these people went the wealth and power of Rome. Many of Rome 's allied forces turned away, Rome looked for smaller allies in the east and south. Finally tired of having no power or wealth, the Roman Empire extended the small amount of power. In 343 B.C. Rome reached the Bay of Naples. This was the...

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... battle the lower class would never win. As the wealth of the Empire increased so did greed, the people and the government went through very expensive phases of art, architecture, and territorial dominance. Architecture always influenced the government and the political and financial structure of the Empire. But the end was near, and stopping it was not a choice, The Roman Empire would die, to never return. As money, land, armies, allies, and government influences started to fade, the empire hit a spiraling downfall of everything. Finally the beginning of the end started when Constantine died, and the Empire went haywire (National Geographic 118). Finally the Empire hit the ground with a bang and turned to dust, as if it never had existed. The Roman Empire left a legacy for the future, a legacy that would never be forgotten, a legacy that did not die with the Empire

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