The Rigorous Truth Of Trivial Injustice Essay

The Rigorous Truth Of Trivial Injustice Essay

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Isaiah Pridgen
Mrs. Thompson
English Composition 102-009
10 September, 2015
The Rigorous Truth of trivial Injustice
Has the government lost their definition of justice? Surely, as police officers batter men with their strikingly irresponsible gun control that causes second degree murder, thousands will become unhappy. A social movement known as, The Black Lives Matter Movement [BLM], began as a heroic way to protest injustice and raise public consciousness (Williams 1). People do not feel safe. Walking outside at night feels like a suicide mission, only to go to the store to pick up some milk or bread so the stomach will not growl loudly in the morning. The Black Lives Matter movement, believes that all nationalities should be treated with equal rights. This movement wants to build off of the inhabitants that injustice will never be fair and construct a new established society with equal rights.
Every second, ordinary lives get taking away from them by life itself. If the cause is from natural sickness or just getting to old, it is impossible to escape reality and the process of life and death. Though, when there is an option to kill another human when it was not for a self-defense reason, it will be classified as murder. An announcement, given the title "Operation Ghetto Storm," was implemented by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an antiracist grassroots activist organization. The background behind Malcolm X Grassroots is known for, ordering campaigns against events police brutality and condition repression in brown and black communities. The Operation Ghetto Storm explains the reason of why such killings have occurred. In order to preserve such racism and capitalist leakage, the US structures organizations like police o...

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...age are the keys to solving problems that has not a seeker to give equality but lives that must stand up to fight for balance. All nationalities, and genders should help lift justice to compromise that all people will receive the same fair treatment and none will be left to say that these killings are coincidental.
Standing as one is better than standing as a few. We as people are great. We as humans deserve equality. The thing that belongs to us is justice and fairness as a society living in the United States. We treat others with respect to receive the same back. Black Lives Matter and all are important. When it comes to balance being rotated on one axis, it causes a bad habit to occur that limits equality around to all people. BLM movement wants people working with other people to resolve problems that should have never have come into existence in the first place.

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