Essay about The Right Balance Between Employment And Family

Essay about The Right Balance Between Employment And Family

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On-site Childcare
Employees’ are struggling to find the right balance between employment and family. Dual-income and single-parent households are leaving their children in low-quality, unreliable childcare that doesn’t meet the satisfaction children need to develop, and this ends up causes parents to be stressed and less productive at their job. Employers are taking steps to help employees with young children to either prove on-site childcare, by proposing a Flexible spending account (FSA), or assisting with a voucher program to assist with childcare expenses. Quality childcare is not only important for the child, it will provide employers reliable employees which affects the bottom line of the company.
Childcare and the employer role
Today, a majority of both parents contribute to the family income in the United States. According to Heinrich (2014) in 1960 at least one parent got to stay home and care for the children. When both parents work this creates challenges when it comes to balancing work and family. Children are being cared for in non-parental settings, for example, after school care, in unreliable childcare facilities, and by family and friends.
Unlike European countries, the United States has not invested in any type of childcare assistant for employees. “Investing in young children’s healthy development is a financial and social imperative for any country” (Watson, Frank & Krumpos, 2011). Many countries are moving toward a childcare enhancement program in order to provide working parents with choices when it comes to childcare. This enhancement will provide a greater role for employers. Businesses in the United States do not support childcare, if so, it is strictly voluntary. Employers in th...

... middle of paper ... was taken on the employee not the work produced. Employers have found that supporting their employees aspects of life, the employers are able to reduce the stress and produce a more satisfied employee. In Return, the employer will end up with an employee that produces a more consistent job, and a better, loyal long-term employee. “Even after they have instituted on-site care, few companies bother to try to quantify the benefits, convinced that some of the greatest savings are in such things as morale and performance, which are hardest to measure” (McIntyre, 2000).
Employers that support some type of childcare assistant will benefit by showing an increase to their bottom line. Employees will be more satisfied, will be more productive, will be on time to get the most out of their day, and employers will benefit from more loyal, long-term employees.

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