Essay on Rhetorical Appeal : Ray Comfort

Essay on Rhetorical Appeal : Ray Comfort

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The Holocaust not only can be seen as a horrific event, but also as a way to minister against abortion for evangelist Ray Comfort. Ray Comfort in his production “180” took a different perspective on the Holocaust and happened to alter the minds of many people that he met on the streets. Although the clear majority of people he met came to side with his arguments, there were few that disagreed with him. Ray comfort not only changed the minds of the people he met, but made a change of their hearts for the better. Three things that stand out in the “180” video are, his use of rhetoric appeal, the legalization of abortion being, the holocaust, and repentance of sins.
In the “180” movie Ray Comfort outstandingly used rhetorical appeal throughout his argument in a thorough way to further grasp his audience’s attention. He used pathos, ethos, and logos during the course of his dispute of abortion and the Holocaust. Comfort uses pathos more frequently than the other two appeals, to plea to the audience’s heart strings. An example of when pathos was used was when Michael Berenbaum told the story of the little boy crying over his mother’s dead body. Another example would be when he says that we basically have a Holocaust in America because of abortion. Pathos is also used when the images of deceased people from the Holocaust are presented throughout the film.
Ethos was used various times throughout his dispute and was the second most used rhetoric in the “180” movie. One example of ethos in the film was when Guttmacher Institute said from 1973-2008, fifty-three million three hundred ten thousand eight hundred and thirty-four unborn babies were killed in the American Holocaust. A tremendous use of ethos was when Ray quoted from the Bible t...

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...ated towards the end that people should have band together to stop the Holocaust, likewise people should do the same about abortion.
Hitler despised Christianity saying that it was a trick by the Jews, he once said “The heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity.” Ray says in the video that repentance can be gained, because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He said by changing one’s lifestyle to a Christian lifestyle, furthermore allowing Him to come in to that person’s heart. He compares the Lord to a parachute, in a sense that the Lord is a parachute, one can look at a parachute. It will not save them if they just look at it, not until that person puts it on does it save them. He then goes on to say that one must put all their trust in the Lord. He also uses a judge as an example of God and that if one repents then their case will be dismissed.

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