Compare/ Contrast Rhetorical Analysis of Two Texts

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Although “From Letters from an American Farmer” and “An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man” are essays about the American racism, in “An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man,” William Apess directs his essays towards mostly whites, who are dominant society at the time, and points his finger to the white society’s face. He writes about religion, racism and its injustice, whereas, J. Hector St. John De Crevecoueur, who graphically shows the atrocity of the slave’s punishment, analyzes the elements of coming face to face with the terrors of slavery in “From Letters from an American Farmer.” In order to bring persuasive effects to their essays, Apess uses more rhetorical questions and anaphora, while Crevecoeur concentrates more on pathos for emotions of the audience. the white man not only to experience themselves, but even too brutal for the white race to look at. He does not display his opinion but evidences, in order to call for people’s empathy, compassion and affliction, whereas Apess’s anaphora is tough and aggressive, that establish a strong argumentative speech. Crevecoeur graphically shows the extremely wicked act of the slave’s punishment. He says, for example, “I shudder when I recollect that the birds had already picked out his eyes, his cheek bones were bare; his arms had been attacked in several places, and his body seemed covered with a multitude of wounds” (Crevecoeur 22). The slave begs for something to drink and explains that he wants to die “The living spectre though deprived of his eyes, could still distinctly hear, and in his uncouth dialect begged me to give him some water to allay his thirst” (Crevecoeur 23). At this point of life, Crevecoueur uses pathos to show t... ... middle of paper ... ...emotions; on the other hand, “An Indian’s looking-glass for the white man” is rougher, it makes audience stressful because of the sharp accusation. In my opinion, protest essays supposed to have effective argument and strong words, in order to make readers/ audiences conscious about the current situation. Because if everyone consciousness goes on the right way, the slaves in general and Indians in particular will not be tortured and treated unfairly. Protest essays, which play the important role to call for people’ alertness, should have sharp and acute persuasions. For that reason, using only pathos for emotions of the audiences is not enough for a protest essay. Works Cited Trodd, Zoe, John Stauffer, and Howard Zinn. American Protest Literature. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2006.

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