Essay on The Revolutionary Period : John Adams

Essay on The Revolutionary Period : John Adams

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In the Revolutionary period, John Adams was a leader who was one of the founding fathers and advocate for the independence of America. He was a member of the Continental Congress. During the Revolutionary war, Adams served in France and Holland as a diplomatic role. After George Washington was elected as the President, he was put under Washington as the first Vice President. After Washington’s presidency, Adams, who was apart of the Federalists, got elected as President on March 4th, 1797 with Thomas Jefferson, his friend and rival as Vice President. John Adams was well known for his aloofness, and demonstrated passionate patriotism for America, he was also an independent man who did not care for the opinion of the public; except his wife Abigail Adams. President Adams’ career in the office was not much of a success, but compared to his service during the revolution, he was able to accomplish more for the United States of America than he did as President.
What contributed to John Adams’ unsuccessful career in the Whitehouse was his personality and behavior, but mostly it was his foreign policy. Adams was criticized by both parties: his own, the Federalists and the Republicans. He was also called a warmonger and an indecisive leader during wartime; along with his uncontrollable temper, he would make rash decisions without consulting his cabinet members (Gevinson). Britain and America signed the Jay’s Treaty in 1794, and it caused France to be highly unsatisfied ("Thomas Jefferson 's Monticello"). As a result in 1796, the French began to snatch or capture American merchant ships by surprise (“Milestones: 1784–1800 - Office of the Historian").However, the Foreign Minister decided to not be cooperative and instead insulted the Ame...

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... later became the Second President of the United States. Though he excelled in the past in during the Revolution, his Presidency was filled with difficulties. His foreign policies motives and actions were questioned by own party: the Federalists and criticized by the Republicans. His own party: the Federalists were left deeply divided, and angry with his decisions regarding the French because the Federalists wanted war. Adams’ problems were also evident at home as President. Before the Quasi War, Adams wanted to suppress any French sympathizers and prevent the Republican party from growing because immigrants tended to become Republicans. The Republican parties were enraged by this act and argued back. In 1800, his party was left deeply divided and angry due to the peace treaty with France. Leading to his second reelection, he lost the presidency to Thomas Jefferson.

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