Review of the Inquiry of Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy Essay

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On June 23, 1985, a bomb was planted on Air India Flight 182 that exploded and killed the 329 passengers and crew while airborne (Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182: Final report, 2010). A second bomb at Tokyo’s Narita Airport killed two baggage handlers that were unloading luggage from a Canadian Pacific Airlines flight, the baggage was also prepared to be on the Air India flight. Sikh terrorists were responsible for planting the two bombs. In total 331 people were killed (CIIBAIF 182, 2010).
This review of the inquiry of Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy will examine the numerous objectives of the inquiry. The review will examine the mandate, methods, and the key findings by the commission. An evaluation will be made on the recommendations set out in the inquiry and the impacts of the recommendations that have been implemented in addition to evaluating whether or not all the recommendations have been implemented in Canada. This review will also evaluate the context in which the particular group of Sikhs and Indians were treated as a victim, terrorist, or witness.
On May 1, 2006, the Governor General in Council appointed John C. Major, as the Commissioner to conduct an inquiry to investigate the bombing of Air India Flight 182. The Commission’s mandate was to provide accurate and practical recommendations for the complicated policy issues, which connect to addressing the National Security matters in Canada (CIIBAIF 182, 2010). The first subject in the Commission’s mandate was to resolve the issue of whether there was any knowledge by Canadian government of the possible threats made by Sikh terrorist before or after 1985. One of the goals of the inquiry...

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...ity of these Canadians were Indo-Canadian. The majority of the victims’ families were Indo-Canadian. The Canadian government treated the family members of the Air India bombing victims unfairly. The government failed to inform the families of the victims of latest developments in the case and failed to disclose evidence during the civil suit. The government forcefully settled the civil suit early with tough bargaining.


Overall, the Canadian government did treat many Sikh indo-Canadians unfairly during the entire process of the Air India bombing. Primarily the treatment of the witnesses and the family members of the victims were very hostile. This relates to Crim 311 because it provides the historic treatment of members belonging to the Indo-Canadian Sikh population. These people faced inadequate treatment by the justice system and the government.

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