Essay on Review Of ' Beowulf ' By Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth

Essay on Review Of ' Beowulf ' By Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth

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Depicted is a scenario relatable to Beowulf’s actions. Kevlar is a military man who defends his people through battle and experiences events uncommon in an ordinary man or woman’s everyday life. One specific experience includes continuously fighting in dangerous battles to prevent people from more harm. Saving lives and defending his people while risking his own life is a large element of heroism. Kevlar is Joseph Campbell’s definition of a hero in Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth by finding, achieving, or doing something greater than himself, in this case, the possible loss of his life to ensure his people 's safety. It is not easy to act on something such as Kevlar’s job, which leads to why he is perceived as a hero. But frequently unnoticed are the hidden characteristics that a hero plays. One sees a heroic action, such as Kevlar fighting for other’s lives, but fails to realize the characterization built within a person to develop and reach the stability to complete the action. Characteristics that are commonly missed are found in Beowulf. Seamus Heaney’s adaptation of Beowulf illustrates Beowulf as a hero by depicting his characteristics including but not limited to: determination, strength, and leadership skills.
One of the largest parts of being a hero is having determination with a cause that drives one to success. In A Century of Heroes, a 48-year-old Carnegie hero said, while rescuing a woman from drowning in the Pacific Ocean, “‘I’m going to get her out of here. One way or another… I’m going to do it’” (Chambers 215). This is just a simple statement of a man’s heroic determination that saved the life of a woman in the Pacific Ocean. Although saving a life, such as this Carnegie hero did, is a perfect ...

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... how the people love and admire Beowulf because it is specifically stated that he is the people’s “pride and love” which unveils him as a great leader and hero.
Determination, strength, and leadership skills are all major characteristics of a hero that Beowulf achieves throughout the adaptation of Beowulf by Seamus Heaney. Beowulf’s determination to never give up until his goal is achieved is a great representation of a hero and leader. His physical and mental strengths working together to build a fighting force in defense of his people. Each develops together to show Beowulf’s great superhuman strengths and abilities. All of Beowulf’s characteristics are tied together to create the great leader and hero that he is. He saves his community, similar to Kevlar in the scenario provided, and he drives himself to repeatedly fight for something greater than himself.

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