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Erika Mercado Essay 2 Modern Heroes: Dante vs Beowulf A modern hero is a good-hearted person with these attributes: bravery, strong, and contributes to saving the lives of his homelands. Beowulf demonstrates the characteristics of a modern hero: a leader, fearless, and generous. Beowulf is a young hero whose character exerts powerful strength in battles. Dante the Pilgrim does not display hero attributes in The Inferno. Dante displays the opposite of modern hero attributes: he was a scared, weak, lost, hypocrite, and a follower as he ventured through hell. Dante the pilgrim is displayed as a simple human being who is just like everyone else who sins. Therefore, Beowulf is considered a modern hero and Dante the pilgrim is not. When I think of society’s modern heroes today the fictional characters of Batman and Spiderman come to mind because they protect the lives of the people in the communities from the bad guys. In the epic Beowulf, the main character is thought of as a hero because he makes the reader feel he is a larger than life character than those of human characteristics. However, Dante’s main character makes the reader feel his emotional roll a coaster and sensitivity as in everyman towards the sinner in the depths of The Inferno. It is interesting how modern heroes show much of the same qualities as…show more content…
One must have larger-than-life qualities that exceed those of regular humans. Beowulf did exactly that, his most important traits as a modern hero included bravery, loyalty, honor, and the willingness to risk his life for the greater good. Beowulf displayed great courage by eliminating Grendel and his mother. Also, Beowulf died after he succeeded in killing the dragon and the people mourned his death. Dante’s character in The Inferno is not by definition a modern hero because throughout his journey into hell he displayed weakness, he was scared,

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