The Return Of The Black Plague Essay

The Return Of The Black Plague Essay

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The Return of the Black Plague
For seven horrifying years between 1346-1353, the Black Death pushed medieval man to the brink of an apocalypse. The living only expected death and every graveyard were chalked full with corpses. It was a world without hope, seemingly abandoned by God. From Italy to Ireland, Europe lost over half of its population. In the crisis, every part of medieval society was strained to a breaking point. Medication failed the sick, violent cults appeared, and morality collapsed as man turned against each other. The Black Death, is known by many other names such as; the black plague, the bubonic plague, the pestilence, and the blue sickness. The names come from the Italian biblo, meaning pustule, growth, or swelling. Although the disease was commonly thought to have died out after the fourteenth century, it has reappeared many times throughout history. Due to the increased globalization, logging, and war, the Black Death has made a come back in modern day.
What is not commonly known is that there are three different strains of the Black Death. All three are caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. The disease started in Central Asia, it then spread to Crimea by the year 1346 travelling through the Silk Road. From Crimea, the bubonic plague was most likely transmitted by Oriental rat fleas that survived on the blood of black rats that resided regularly on 
the various merchant ships however it can also be transmitted from a sick person to 
a healthy person. It then quickly spread throughout Europe and killed 60% of the population. Almost 40% of Egyptians and 50% of French people perished in the pandemic. The bubonic plague, which was the most common form of the plague starts with flu like symptoms...

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...overnments needs to come together and enact laws that prosecute illegal logging companies. It is a huge business that generate large amounts of profit that goes to proceeds of crime. Armed conflict is something that humanity has faced multiple times within history. Human civilization was created on the foundations and war, however it has always contributed to the spread of disease. Even if cease fires were enacted, it would allow the safe transportation of medical professionals, equipment, and medicine. Furthermore, the over prescription of antibiotics is contributing to the resistance of bacteria. Doctors need to be more vigilant when diagnosing diseases that can or cannot be cured by antibiotics. American clergyman, Hosea Ballou said, “Disease is the retribution of outraged Nature.” If this is true, than humanity needs to fix what they have have caused and quickly.

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