Restorative Justice: Comparative Studies Essay

Restorative Justice: Comparative Studies Essay

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When considering studies in corrections on a global scale it is important to understand how to utilize the most applicable method to gather knowledge. Comparative studies are often used to explore methods for explicating or developing knowledge and attitudes. Comparative research examines cases with the intention to reveal the structure and invariance or unchanging relationship for an entire group or population. In this case, and for the purpose of this paper, the comparative research is suggested to be used in corrections on a global scale. Several problems arise when using comparative research studies on a global scale. Some of these issues are cross-cultural research between countries, selecting a compatible research design whether qualitative or quantitative and knowing that the research applied is rigorous enough to produce credible results.
If we are to understand the global implication of restorative justice, it is important to lay a philosophical definition. A criminal justice or corrections system that utilizes the restorative justice method emphasizes a need to repair or mend the harm that is done to crime victims. This process empowers the victim through processes of mediation and negotiation. Restorative justice is not a new theory within many cultures. The United States justice system however engages two types of criminological theories that deal directly with crime different from that of restorative justice. (1)The retribution model, which emphasizes the deterrence of crime through punishment; (2) the rehabilitation model, which engages society to assist in changing how criminals think and behave. (Weitekamp & Hans-Jurgen, 2003), (Restorative Justice, 2006)

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