Research Topic On The University Essay

Research Topic On The University Essay

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Research Topic
When selecting a topic or research topic, the university need to fully comprehend what a research topic is. Early in the preparation of a study, a researcher recognizes a subject or subject matter of a recommended study is called a topic (Creswell, 2014). The university should think of the research approach that will be used to do the study when thinking about a research topic. The research approach is decided by using the nature of the research problem or issue, the researchers’ personal experiences, and the audiences for the study (Creswell, 2014). There are three different approaches to research. There are qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods.
Three Approaches to Research
When learning about the three different approaches to research, the university must fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. While this presentation will only touch the bases of each approach, it will still give the university an idea of what each approach consists of and will help them decide on what approach they should use. It seems like the qualitative and quantitative are very distinct categories, but they are not. Instead, they represent the different ends of a continuum with mixed method being in the middle (Creswell, 2014).
When thinking about the qualitative approach, the university should think about the words. According to Creswell, a qualitative research is an approach to exploring and understanding the meaning individuals or groups ascribe to a social or human problem (2014). With the qualitative research, data are collected by asking questions and, then the researcher would interpret what the data means. This means that the researcher would use open-ended questions f...

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...esearch cycle, it is usually based on an idea or hunch gained by the researchers from their own readings of earlier studies and/or their own observations of society (Hypothesis, 2015). When the researchers formulate the hypothesis, it assumes that there is enough evidence to either support or reject the hypothesis (University of Michigan-Flint, 2016). The hypothesis will usually state what the researchers want to answer, prove, or inform the university (University of Michigan-Flint, 2016). The hypothesis may be rejected which is called a null hypothesis. A null hypothesis in a quantitative approach makes a prediction that the hypothesis cannot be proven (Creswell, 2014). The researchers conducting the study for the university must develop a hypothesis that has enough information to either accept or reject it, and can also be easily understood by the university.

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