Research Proposal: The Attention Span of Students During Class Essay

Research Proposal: The Attention Span of Students During Class Essay

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Did you know that the first few minutes of class is the only time a student listens to their teacher? A student listens to a 60-90 minute lectures from classroom to classroom for 200 school days. But a student cannot focus their attention for that long so they ended up losing their attention somewhere else. Someday, this may be a trouble to their parents. Students lacking concentration may cause failure in planning for their future.
Attention refers to the state of applying the mind into specific information currently seen in our surroundings. W. James defines attention as the clasp possession of the mind which can do several coincidentally possible objects or train of thoughts. It also suggests recession from some things in order to handle with others effectively (Cherry, n.d.).
According to Dufault (2013), the classes in most universities took 50-90 minutes long which is considerably longer than the attention span of an archetypal student. The attention of students widely differs from others and their attention quality relies on their emotion, the time of day and several other factors. It is believed that the attention span of students ends at the headmost 10-15 minutes of every lecture. But no corroboration was found to uphold the belief.
A 1976 study conducted by two Indiana University professors proves that assorting a teacher’s lectures and having a 3-5 minute interval would regain the students’ attention. The study was executed long before the era of texting and social networks so the immediate generation of students have even shorter attention and more impaired by distractions. The professors conducted another study in 1985 in which they tested the students’ memory of reminiscing facts from a 20 minute lecture. T...

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