Reproductive Health : Important For Women Essay

Reproductive Health : Important For Women Essay

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1) Reproductive health is important for women around the world. Women with reproductive capacity require ongoing health care to protect their health and the health of their newborns. The increased and sustained investment in reproductive health will ensure that women are able to receive preventive care prior during and after their pregnancies (Singh, Darroch, & Lori, 2014). This will help decrease the number of infants deaths related to pregnancies. It will also decrease the number of deaths with pregnant women. Investing in reproductive health may decrease the burden that steams from infant and women deaths that are related to pregnancy. Reproductive health has improved globally. However, disparities still exist between developed and developing countries (Singh et al., 2014). Therefore, it is important for countries throughout the world to invest in new technologies to strengthen reproductive health in areas that lack adequate preventive reproductive health services. This will allow countries to decrease the number of still births, miscarriages, and infants and women deaths. This will return the burden of these conditions. Moreover, many women around the world lack access to effective contraceptives which increases the number of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies (Singh et al., 2014).
Increased and sustained investment in reproductive health will have major health benefits worldwide. Health care cost will be decreased when women are able to plan their pregnancies. Investing in reproductive health may lead to monetary benefits as well as decreasing deaths among women and children (Singh et al., 2014). This will fulfill internationally recognized rights for women and children. Furthermore, the health benefits are well worth the...

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