The Report : Couples, The Internet, And Social Media Essays

The Report : Couples, The Internet, And Social Media Essays

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The report “Couples, The Internet, and Social Media,” is an analysis from Amanda Lenhart and Maeve Duggan of the information collected from a study done by the Pew Research Center. The research was conducted to understand correlations between couples, a somewhat broadly defined category, and their interactions with the Internet and social media. Paramount findings of the study include that young adults’ relationships are more likely to be impacted by their media use and that long-term couples (of ten years or more) are impacted differently than others. These results signify that the rising prevalence of media usage among couples in younger generations are affecting relationships on levels not previously seen.
The report scrutinizes how couples utilize media, whether together or separately, and how this usage has an impact on their relationship. To collect data from the public, Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI) conducted interviews with couples via landlines and mobile phones, calling 2,252 adults over the span of about one month. Of these subjects, about half used a landline, and half were called on their cell phone. Subjects were first asked to identify the type of relationship they were in: either they were married, living with a partner, or in a committed romantic relationship. These couples were then asked to identify how long they have currently been in the relationship, whether or not they share passwords/accounts/or e-mails with their partner, and, if an impact of internet usage was present, whether it was positive or negative.
Access to landline and mobile telephone numbers were provided by the Survey Sample International (SSI), which gave equal access to both types of phone numbers New samples we...

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... facing the same barriers, nor reaping the same benefits, that the digital era has presented to millennials. Relationships are progressively being affected by the ubiquity of social media and digital devices in our lives, which begs the question: how long until our social media invades our personal lives completely? Or, worse, are dictating the interactions we have in not just our romantic endeavors, but across all of our relationships? The complaint that someone we are interacting with is too distracted by their ever-present cell phone is a common one, and, based on the results of this study, not to be ignored. While positive impacts on relationships are present, even the slightest negative impact by social media should be alarming. Keeping an awareness of how the way we use the internet is key to maintaining control over the ways this can affect our relationships.

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