Ren Wei Temple On The North Side Of The East Street Essay

Ren Wei Temple On The North Side Of The East Street Essay

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41 Ren Wei Temple

Ren Wei Temple was located on the north side of the East Street, separated only by a wall with Carrier Temple. However, its coverage area was two times as Carrier Temple. Although, Carrier Temple was monks meditating, believed Confucianism; but Ren Wei Temple had Abbot superintendent, carried forward Taoism;nevertheless, Jingxiu Nunnery (Um Retreat) was a nun hosting, worshiped Buddhism.

Anyway, confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, three religions stood up, respected for their owners ' master respectively, advocated their owners belief, in the small town for thousand of years in harmony, equality and mutual respect, not to provoke angry, nor draw the sword. What a religion wonder! Highlighted the eternal Chinese civilization, its virtue of tolerance, to pull together in times of trouble .

Ren Wei Temple overall layout upheld the Taoist tradition, sat north and faced south, the north-south axis was on the central main path. As a matter of fact, the front gate and back door, decorated archway, court house, buildings, courtyard, bedroom palace all were built on the straight central axis. As well, on both sides of the main path, there were respectively adjacent rooms, kitchens, miscellaneous house, wells, gardens, pool etc.. The whole temple was encircled by high white walls, which were upright, four corners neatly, without leaking flower window, simple dignified.

The main front gate was facing the East Street, not gorgeous. A one hundred feet long, twenty feet wide masonry road led to the second gate. Tall, vigorous Chinese scholar trees (ancient pagodas trees) were lined up on both sides, behind the trees spacious lawn spread out.

Indeed, the second gate was a brick, wooden eaves gatehouse, "H" s...

... middle of paper ...

...visit my hometown, would like to see the old campus, to touch the stone drums, to hold the big pillars, to scratch "ticklish tree", go to teacher Lu Changxin 's platform, bow and in silence, and to the Jade Emperor Hall to hear the old principle 's opening master speech, water the flowers, plants in the gardens......

However, what I found was a bulldozer, excavator, and wore hats, gesticulating developers, labor contractor and busy rural laborers were knocking down the temple walls, gatehouse, demolishing the Jade Emperor Hall, landfill ancient wells. The nave, San Qingdian, all the temple halls were pulled down, collapsed. "Ticklish" trees, ancient pagodas, coopers, lawn, flower beds and gardens were all disappeared. After much asked, just had known that they were building a new north-south street.

I stood there for a long, long time, silently and wordless.

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