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From generation to generation, North Korea stands as one of the last remaining communist regimes in the world. In a country built on oppression and regulation, why is it that no one seems to rebel? The sad truth remains that loyalty and obedience to North Korea’s supreme leader is an inescapable fate. From the day they are born, idolization of “The Supreme Leader” is drilled into the minds of those unlucky enough to be born into North Korea. Some would argue that extreme control is imposed merely to preserve a way of life. The question posed, is whether North Korea has gone too far in trying to protect this way of life. Through extreme limitations on use of electronics, speech, and religion, prohibiting virtually all contact with the outside world, and extensive use of propaganda, North Korea has greatly crossed the line from protecting a country’s best interest to taking away any and all freedom from its people. From the standpoint of persons living in a country such as the United States, it is easy to conclude that communism in North Korea is out of control and the way of life is incomprehensible. However, one must consider whether North Korean’s live less awful lives because they are so brainwashed. They do not even understand the horrors of their own country. Due to the way citizens are born and raised, the majority of North Koreans truly believe themselves to live in a good country lead by an honorable man. The Leader, they are told, is the reason for all good that comes their way. With this in mind, is it right for others outside the country to feel that they need to “fix” a country when its citizens do not even feel they are being mistreated? In a battle of ideology, who is to say which country is right or wrong? ... ... middle of paper ... ...ountry’s former leader whose political theories define policy decisions” (Index on Censorship; Lee). In what seem to be such trivial things, the forced idolization of the Leader becomes evident and the limits on freedom are obvious (Index on Censorship). With all of this idolization drilled into the minds of citizens, it is no wonder that North Koreans do not realize the need to rebel. North Korea’s extremist actions cannot be excused as simply maintaining homeland security. Instead, North Korea has gone and created a dictatorship where citizens are ruthlessly controlled and isolated to avoid the inward or outward spread of facts contrary to the claims of the imperial Kim family. The brainwashing, restrictions on freedom and communication, and exile from the outside world have created a society in which North Korea’s citizens have lost their basic human rights.

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