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Religion is an interesting word. It has eight letters, three syllables, and countless meanings. If you asked twenty people what their definition of religion is, you would get twenty very different responses. Religion has an impact on your principles, your morals, and how you react to others. Everyone has their own way of practicing, sharing, and learning about their religion. It affects everyone of us everyday and is quite possibly the most important topic in our social lives.
I do not think you can accurately define religion in just one or two sentences. It has so many complex aspects and different angles to take into consideration. Religion is what you believe in. It is what you practice and put into your everyday life. It changes the way you interact with others and yourself. It impacts the ways you spend your free time and even the way you dress. The religion you practice changes you. Religion is a belief system, but so much more than that. Your religion is how you act, think, and speak. In a way, you are becoming your religion. You mold yourself to fit in with that religion and try to wrap your mind around the thought process that it has. You are embodying your religion trying to be a great example of what it is all about.
In our time, religion is a controversial topic. Many people get uncomfortable when it is brought up in conversation. In today’s world, the majority of people are trying to be “politically correct” with what they say or do. So, with something as controversial as religion, many don’t want to talk about in hopes of not offending anyone. While you still have those who are outspoken and will say whatever is on their mind, many people do not want to get into the politic of religion. That is why I believe relig...

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...the best one and think everyone else should practice it.
These positive and negative aspects of religion come from both the people and the religion. The religion teaches the people to be loving, kind, and accepting; however, if the people don’t follow those guidelines, then it means nothing. The same goes for the negatives. Some religions teach their followers that the religion the practice is better than all of the others. Then, the people go out and do the bad things that we hear about.
Overall religion has many meanings to many different people. It can be practiced and learned in many ways. In today’s world, people need to learn more about religion so that it isn’t such a “dirty word”. Religion can be beneficial or a bad thing, it changes the way you think, act, and are perceived. Religion is very important today, so we should treat it like it is very important.

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