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Religion : Elements Of Religious Traditions Essay examples

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Religion Traditions
Elements of Religious Traditions
Religion comes in a number of varieties. What one group of people believes will find another believes something completely different. With all the various religious rituals and beliefs it is hard for anyone to understand all the customs and worship. Humans are constantly striving to find a sense of tranquility and harmony and searching for what will give them that sentiment and understanding. People bring thoughts from the religion they are brought up or predisposed too. under or from the principal religion of their circle. For example they may think that all religion has a sacred book, worships a heavenly being, or that it has a set of commandments (Molloy & Hilgers, 2010). Religion has eight elements, belief system, community, central myths, rituals, ethics, characteristics emotional experiences, material expressions, and sacredness (Molloy & Hilgers, 2010). Each religion has its own belief system and thoughts. It is no surprise that each religion characterizes in a different way the nature of sacred reality, the cosmos, the natural world, time and human purpose. Religions also vary in their way of thinking toward the role of words in conveying the sacred in their connections to other customs.
Some religions speak of the sacred as transcendent, existing primarily in a space further than the everyday world. In other religions whereas sacred reality is spoken of as being immanent that is, it is within nature and human beings and can be encountered as energy or holiness. Occasionally the sacred is looked at as possessing personal qualities, while elsewhere it is seen as an unfriendly entity (Molloy & Hilgers, 2010).
A number of religions see the earth as being started by an intel...

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...odge and the attendant ritual can include cutting willow branches, during which tobacco might be offered. The gathering of sticks, rocks, moss, and sweet grass; making an alter and heating a stone; rubbing smoke over the body making the ground and saying appropriate prayers at each stage (Molloy & Hilgers, 2010).
It is interesting to see how other cultures view religion and how sacred certain rituals are for some. Although there are some differences in beliefs and rituals, they also share some similarities as well. It is amazing how one culture can have a strong belief system and another one can have a strong ritual system. With all the various religious rituals and beliefs it is hard for anyone to understand all the customs and worship.
Molloy, M., and Hilgers, T.L. (2010). Experiencing the World 's Religions Tradition Challenge and Change (5th ed.). : McGraw Hill.

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