Importance Of Religion In Modern Society

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1The purpose of this essay is to assess the importance of religion in modern society.2The website Australian Bureau Statistics and the UOW library and database were used to find information that was relevant to my question; this includes journal articles, eBooks, book, statistics, definitions etc.3Supporting arguments of the thesis consist of three parts which is the religious teachings are not a real reflection of the role women and the LGBT community play in the 21st century, it is science not religion that provided explanations and answers to many questions regarding the natural world. In addition the amount of people that are religious and the amount that are not were compared which shows that low impact religion has in todays modern society. However, many people decide to believe in spirituality rather than a religion and believe that the answers lay in the hands of technology or another form of belief. 4Based on these findings, it shows that religion sometimes does not play an important role in modern society. Religion has played an important role in most people’s lives in modern society but it is also the cause of many major conflicts. Religion has given people a reason to live and understand the world and has major influence in history. Billions of people…show more content…
Due to the points that some religious teachings do not reflect real society in the 21st century and the position women and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities hold in today’s society. Furthermore, science has provided answers in the newer century to many questions; it has proven methodical answers. Despite this there are still a large amount of people that do believe in a religion however it has been proven by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that there is an increasing number of people who do not have a religion. Overall religion sometimes does not have an important role to play in modern
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