Importance Of Religion In The Modern World

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Throughout history, religion has always been present and has continued to be a major principal that society feels is a part of a human existence, to some existent in the modern society religion plays a virtual role in human experience and how individuals react to the environment they live in. The major religions in the modern society are Christianity and Islam as its priorities what individual believe, what they think and how they view social institution. However, minority of individuals study new forms of religion such as scientology which focus more ‘mind’ and New Age relates to human spiritually. Therefore this essay will explore functionalism, conflict and phenomenological in relation to the importance of religion in the modern world. Firstly, the explanation of the importance of religion in the modern world has focused on functionalism perspective. Emile Durkheim (1965) argued “social life is impossible without the shared values and moral beliefs” (Haralambos and Holborn 1991:648.). It is possible, he defines that religion has set of rules which society operates. In relation to Christianity it states in the bible ‘Do not kill ‘ which is a norm in the society also followed by Islamic believers ,This is known as a ‘collective conscience’. In the absences of shared values and moral beliefs society will lose control, corporation and solidarity. In complex societies such as the Australian Aborigines with less of a complex religion system were by the solidarity of the society is not based any religious believes. He also stated that “religion is sacred which helps to direct human actions”, therefore because religion is sacred individual believers tend to respect their belief. In the modern world , society tend to have respect ... ... middle of paper ... ...rld today as it is influenced by different sources. Functionalists see religion as a force of uniting society together. They state religion has a special meaning to people whereby they take religion serious which enables unity in social group. Functionalism identifies religion as a source of comfort to people which is a advantage to help them deal with everyday life. Conflict theory defines religion as a way of the press to feel united for example the lower-class feeling they belong. It makes the working-class accept their way of life without making an effort to be able to move up the social leader. Marx () stated “religion as a counties system of belief. phenomenological concentrates on define the importance of religion as having power on the world as it influences and controls society. Being part of religion encourages those to see religion as a form of ‘help’.

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