Essay on Religion and The Existance of God

Essay on Religion and The Existance of God

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Religion and the existence of God is a topic that has been questioned, challenged, rebuked, ridiculed and researched for many years. Just speaking of it has caused specific banning’s in school and even physical abuse for those who dare to talk about it. With such a hot topic, one surely wonders if God does exist. For those that say he doesn’t, they want facts and evidence to back it up. For those who do believe, the facts speak for themselves through the Bible, nature itself and of course, man. But is proof really necessary? With all of the physical objects and facts that there are to support evidence of God and the Christian Religion, isn’t what is right in front of our eyes all we need? I will examine the issue of Gods existence, present all views possible on this very topic, argue my view and position on it and address any philosophical theories that support or challenge the issue.
There is an old quote that says, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Uncertainty is a part of our lives as humans, especially when it comes to the future and things we cannot explain. Our existence alone remains uncertain as scientists, philosophers and average humans strive to find the meaning of life, of how we came to be and who made us. Our lives are led by faith in someone or something because we need that to hold on to and to move forward (Overman, 2010). We are all unique individuals, having our own perspectives on what we should have faith in. These perspectives are influenced by our families, our communities, our traditions, our education and our own personal experiences. This does not necessarily make our perspectives true nor does it make it false, but it is how we as people make the choices we do in our lifeti...

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... when discussing the existence of God. The argument of whether one exists is proof enough for me because without the ability to use our minds to think, reason and argue, these great minds that we were given by our creator whom he created in his own image; then how could we argue it to begin with. A great deist named Voltaire once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. What a great power it must be to have created the universe and all that it contains. I cannot imagine having neither that kind of power nor the kind of responsibility it takes to maintain the power and all that comes out of it. While the comprehension of how massive that power is unimaginable, it is also amazingly overwhelming and with complete awe I hold for the only one who could support a responsibility of that magnitude. I know no other on this earth that could even come close to it.

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