Relationship Between Traditional And New, Mother And Daughter Relationship

Relationship Between Traditional And New, Mother And Daughter Relationship

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Different environment makes people gradually different way of thinking and values, the roles have their own experience of background influence in the formation of their personality. Maggie and Dee has an opposite trait to generate their mother’s attitude toward different way. Alice has cleverly written by black people of generation complex attitude on the ideas and cultural heritage in Everyday Use. Mother-daughter relationship also is complicated in those two articles. In No Name Woman, the mother tells the daughter a story about her aunt and do not allow tell anyone else. The mother is traditional person and she hopes the daughter go with her. Both two articles shows conflict between traditional and new, mother and daughter’s relationship.
In the feudal ethics of China, woman has low status. No Name Woman is talk about the narrator’s aunt who got married. After her husband went to the United States earn money a few years, she got a baby. Then, the whole town people knew it, they cannot tolerate this unchaste woman. Before the narrator’s aunt delivery, people came to her house and destroy everything. Finally, that woman suicide with her baby. After town people knew it and came to her home “They ripped up her clothes and shoes and broke her combs, grinding them underfoot…they overturned the great waist-high earthenware jugs; duck eggs; pickled fruits, vegetables burst out and mixed in acrid torrents” (Maxine, 239). People have entered the male-dominated society, also with a woman is male’s private property. Women of adultery aren’t be allowed to tolerate in the feudal society. Why female has to be solely responsible for the consequence of intercourse? This background happened in the old China, woman did not have any right and powe...

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...creen reflects the author trying complex and heavy black Walker anxiety, which is also the author of self-consciousness manifest. In no name woman, it express repressed female consciousness, resolved under the dual pressures of patriarchy and racism women 's living situation. For gender and racial discrimination, authors critique of traditional Chinese culture in the lowly status of women, but also to get rid of ethnic marginalization. Her characters revolutionized American society for Chinese female bias. On breaking the culture, language, gender boundaries, create a powerful image of the hero. On efforts to pursue a new, courageous, self-reliance, free and independent female image, and with an inclusive attitude against the Chinese and American cultural repression, eventually he found his new identity: a society does not belong to any ethnic Chinese American women.

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