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Tiberius never wanted to be a part of the public life, let alone the official emperor of Rome. Tiberius was politically challenged because he had no motivation, because he had no desire to be the in charge. He was born on November 16, 42 BC. At the age of three his mother, Livia, divorced his father and married Octavian, the future emperor, Augustus. (BBC) His birth father despised Augustus, yet his mother divorced his father just to marry his worst enemy. It seems as if Livia had a slight hatred toward Augustus; it wasn’t just Nero. “Augustus wanted to marry Livia [and] Nero surrendered her to him, and died soon afterwards.” (Our Civilization) Nero was utterly against Augustus for Tiberius’ entire childhood, and then his psycho mom goes and marries Augustus. (Anceint) Augustus and Livia were married in 27 BCE (Ancient). Who knows why anyone would want to marry Livia, she was quite the crazy woman. She had Tiberius’ entire life planned out since the day he was born. His mental health had to be moderately corrupted because of both of his parents. (Ancient) Tiberius was an intelligent, mature child, but he rarely used his abilities. He spoke Greek well, but didn’t use it very often. He also knew of mythology. He was always asking questions even if the timing was inappropriate. (Penelope) Tiberius grew up all over the map because his parents fled from Augustus. The average person, whether or not they are willing to admit it, wants to be on top. They want to be powerful and in charge. People are aggressive, but Tiberius was extremely passive and didn’t want to be on top. Although, people believed he would do anything to become and stay a Roman ruler. (BBC) He was thrust into the public life without a say in the matter. His first ex...

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