Frontier Policy and the Maintenance of the Pax Romana

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Frontier policy and the Maintenance of the Pax Romana Tiberius and Claudius The Imperium Romanum (Roman Empire) was a vast domain containing large territorial holdings in Europe and the Mediterranean. Beyond the empire however consisted of barbarous nations that were a constant threat to the Roman boundaries. For this reason, it was necessary for well-functioning frontier policies to be administrated and sustained to protect the outskirts of the empire from invasion. During the Julio-Claudian dynasty both Tiberius and Claudius established many effective frontier policies during their Principates. In addition to securing the frontiers, both also provided stability in the empire through the maintenance of the Pax Romana (the peace of Rome), which was established during the reign of Augustus. Tiberius was adopted by Augustus and as his only remaining heir was voted the powers of Princeps in 14AD. Tiberius followed many of the policies of Augustus, including his advice not to expand the empire except where required for security such as in the East. Tiberius consolidated the eastern frontiers by 'astute diplomacy without warfare' (Tacitus Annals pg 216) illustrating a corporative relationship resulting in the preservation of calm without the cost or burdens of war. More frontier policies introduced by Tiberius were the annexation of client kingdoms of Commagene and Cappadocia and adding of Cilicia to Syria. In 17AD Tiberius sent Germanicus (his adopted son) to the East frontier where he named Ataxias III as King in Armenia. These provided a stable system of rule and consequently strengthened the boundary giving security to the territory. The African frontier was an area of turmoil for Tiberius. Tacfarnas, a form... ... middle of paper ... ...ut the provinces throughout their Principates. Works Cited P Bradley. Ancient Rome, using evidence. (2000) [United Kingdom] Cambridge University Press. Pgs 516-519, 534-535, &555-557 A Blond. A Scandal History of the Roman Emperors. (1994) [United Kingdom] Quartet Books Limited. T, Hurley et al. HTA Ancient History Study Guide. (2007) [Australia] History Teachers Association of NSW. T, Hurley et al. Antiquity 2. Second Edition (2000) [Melbourne] Oxford University Press. The Roman Empire. Available from: accessed on 10/05/08 Roman Emperors. Available from: accessed on 10/05/08 Civil service of Ancient Rome. Available from: accessed on 19/05.08

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