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Regulation of Oldest Profession Essay

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Pornography and Prostitution have much in common, both include compensated consenting adults engaging in sexual activity; however, pornography is legal, and prostitution is not. Webster’s dictionary defines prostitution as “the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money”. Although pornography is somehow widely accepted, it is essentially the same concept as prostitution, both involving consenting adults paid to perform sexual acts. While prostitution is controversial, states making prostitution legal, and equal to pornography, would have positive effects on the nation’s economy by making the profession safer, decreasing the crime rate, and helping the government financially.
A mounting concern to legalizing prostitution is the health implications that it causes. Prostitution is an underground job that appears in the slums of towns, the number of prostitutes and the amount of disease being spread is unknown. One way to combat this is to make prostitution legal, therefore, the men and women would be forced to register as a worker in the sex industry and be routinely tested for disease. Also, certain standards can be placed on the prostitutes, just as they are on the stars in pornographic films, such as policies for condom use. Paul Armentano, a major in Political Science states “In Newark, New Jersey, the estimate is that close to 60% of all prostitutes carry the AIDS virus. Yet, in the relatively "free market" of Nevada, where prostitution is legal, not one (as of 1989) of the state-licensed prostitutes has ever tested positive for AIDS.”(Case). Making prostitution a legitimate business could create the opportunity of health insurance for the men/woman in the industry, therefore making it a ...

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