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Registered nurses administer medical care to sick or injured individuals to help achieve health and prevent disease (Exploring Health Care Careers 818). A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing and has graduated from a nursing program at a university or college and has passed a national licensing exam titled the NCLEX. They care for the sick and injured in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, physician offices, private homes, public health agencies, schools, and camps. General responsibilities can include dressing wounds, providing emergency care, administering medications and injections, maintaining records, and offering health counseling (Field 52). Registered nurses are blessed with rewarding careers that allow them to assist fellow human beings in their quest for a full, healthy life.
There are many steps one must complete before engaging in the rewarding field of nursing. First, a college education is required. A student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program must complete the requirements to become a registered nurse. A student must maintain a 2.0 grade point average on the courses outlined in the university’s curriculum pattern. A minimum grade of a “C” is required to exit all biology, chemistry, mathematics, and nursing courses. After earning credits for the courses required at the university, a student must apply for clinicals by completing the “Application to Enroll in Clinical Nursing Courses.” In order to graduate from clinicals and receive the desired BSN degree, one must complete the approved curriculum within a four year period after enrollment in the first clinical nursing course. A standardized test called the NCLEX is gi...

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