Reflection Of A Reflection Log Essay

Reflection Of A Reflection Log Essay

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Reflection Log
Beginning in December, after a classwide group shuffle, I had been assigned three new team members due to the incompatibility of my last one. This time around, my team clicked and worked together significantly better than my previous. Sticking with my old member, we realized that we worked well by leaving ourselves to our own work and collaborating as the time deems necessary. Following this principle, the rest of the group adopted this method and there have been little conflicts in the creation of our research papers. After the initial two days of idea tossing, we smoothly agreed on our final topic- pharmaceutical name brand drugs versus their generic counterparts. Initially thinking that research would take as much time as the previous task, my mindset quickly shifted as information presented itself in copious amounts making the assignment significantly easier.
Starting with the initial group selection process, my previous team member from the first
semester and I realized that we had a built in sort of friendly aloofness when it came to writing our papers and that we very easily got along when it came to socializing outside of the assignment, so the three new members that joined matched us perfectly. Two of them had been paired up with each other last semester as well and were close friends, while the last one essentially got kicked out of his team. Leaving the past behind, our group had quickly been identified as very comfortable and laid back as opposed to high pressure and maintenance, which were traits my preceding group possessed to an excessive degree. Group dynamic remained like this for the remaining time for task one.
When deciding which lenses each member would write about, it was essentially a free ...

... middle of paper ...

...ourselves, our interest drove the paper to much higher standards. Furthermore, the difficulty level dropped due to more experience as well as personal interest.
Slight changes from last semester made a world of difference for this assignment. A previously teacher-assigned essay on the Alaskan King Crab industry where information was scarce shifted to the pharmaceutical business with loads of information for ease of research.
The change of topic subsequently made the approach much easier as well; I simply traced the origins of generic manufacturing and used past trends as well as future speculations in order to come to cohesive conclusions regarding balancing price levels. The change in perspective over time as I compiled research also shifted from a simple economic based mindset to exposing the various factors and legislation behind the intercorrelated industry.

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