Reduction Of Income And Economic Growth During The Home Country Essay

Reduction Of Income And Economic Growth During The Home Country Essay

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demonstrates that reduction of income and economic growth in the home country causes an increase of migration to wealthier countries. The home country may attempt to correct this by subsidizing low-skilled level education, since the more educated labor force is likely to migrate. This can lead to permanent damage to the home economy since it limits its output capacity for the long term (Haque and Kim 1995). Migration of skilled labor hurts the labor force and output capability in the source country, regardless of whether the non-migrants chose to stay or migrate. Again, this issue can be corrected through scale economies in advanced education, since the brightest continue to migrate. Overall, retention of skilled labor is closely connected to wealth in the home country (Miyagiwa 1991). Romero (2007) directly links the “brain drain” effect to decrease in per-capita income in the source country. The reason for that is that when the economy is down, all highly skilled labor will attempt to migrate according to a heterogeneous agents’ model. Therefore, the increase in per-capita income is a must-have for retention of skilled labor. Stark, Helmenstein and Prskawetz (1997) examine the effect of accumulation of unskilled human capital in source countries, as skilled labor migrates to higher-paying employment abroad. Higher paying jobs as a function of a healthy economy are an essential means of retention of skilled labor in the source country. Wong and Chong (1999) evaluate the effect of the economy on migration by constructing a two-sector overlapping-generations model of endogenous growth. The model establishes that economic growth restrains migration from the source country. Stark, Oded, and Wang (2002) directly link decrease in wealt...

... middle of paper ... and constructivist view. These perspectives present two conflicting accounts - for realists norms have no impact on the behavior of actors, while for constructivists norms determine the behavior of actors.
According to realists, the anarchical environment undermines any possibility for norm-based behavior in international relations, since actors’ actions are motivated by self-interest. Classical realists like Morgenthau (1948) argued that interest, not morality is the essence of politics. This is because reality leaves little room for norm-guided behavior and the world is a place of conflicting interests where conflict is inevitable. Defensive neorealists like Waltz (1979) argued that the self-help system is necessarily the product of anarchy, which obviated any concern with idea- or identity-based explanations of international relations. Mearscheimer (1994), an

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