Essay about Reducing the Crime Rate in New Orleans

Essay about Reducing the Crime Rate in New Orleans

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Crime in New Orleans is treacherously high; it has been the worst year since 2004. The ordeal lies with trying to teach old dogs new tricks instead of doing the unattainable the justice system should focus on children who are still innocent and deserving of a better future. Kids need persistent discipline, but if their parents are sluggish on the matter how are they going to learn right from wrong? P.A.S.T. will help teach kids that the violence is nothing but history. The program will help children in any household setting because the program’s converge doesn’t have much to do with the children’s parents, nor is it optional. Therefore, the parents will not have a choice in the matter of having their children taken out of P.A.S.T. that will be determined solely by the judge, but they can request for their child to be placed into the program. The program is focused on the first crime or things children would normally not receive punitive measures for whether it either be in the household or in public ranging from acts of defiance to misdemeanors, such as stealing small items, getting in fights, or relentless disrespect or abuse towards parents or siblings. Ways to improve the crime rate in New Orleans are to follow the step process of P.A.S.T which is to punish, assess, show sentiment, and thrive.
First, step P stands for punishment, for enforcing punishment displays that child did something wrong and that the wrong doing will not be tolerated. However, Children try to wangle out of punishment and parents give in because punishment feels like a burden on the parent. Therefore, if punishment is not enforced it shows the child that the crime committed was perfectly fine leaving the child callow. Furthermore, the program P.A.S.T. co...

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...for punishment where children are placed in a special detention school and are not allowed to go home or to have any contact with peers for the time that the judge sentenced for them to be detained. After leaving the detention school children will be brought to step A standing for assess at the Louisiana State Penitentiary the children will be assessed and shown the jail. After leaving the jail children will enter step S standing for show sediment when all the child’s love ones will be there to tell their child how much they care and how proud they are of them. Finally, the children will placed with a mentor to keep them on the path to a better future. Punishment, assessment, showing sediment, and helping the children thrive we hope to lower the crime rates in New Orleans excessively and assist the children of New Orleans to prominent future full of accomplishment.

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