Cleaning Up The New Orleans Police Department

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There has been a lot of scrutiny directed towards the New Orleans Police Department and the role the department plays regarding racial profiling, discrimination, and also using excessive force along with conducting illegal searches of individuals and their property. The United States Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez all played a role in the overhaul of the department that has been plagued for years by concern over excessive use of force, corruption, and racial discrimination (Frieden).

Numerous media outlet’s painted the New Orleans Police Department as if were staffed by criminals who wore badges. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, along with many others, knew there was a growing problem within the NOPD and even invited the Justice Department to assist with a clean up of the law enforcement agency that had grown increasingly lawless. The Mayor even went as far to admit a systemic failure within the department (Frieden). The media set the tone for this story as if there were a serious issue within the department that desperately needed a solution, which is what the NOPD received.


The role of a Police Chief requires constant supervision and maintaining the police department in all aspects to ensure the employees are following rules. Handling the massive media reports about everything from illegal searches to discrimination would be a daunting task, but not impossible to conquer. In any type of media story pertaining negativity within a police department or a business, one of the main focus points of the story is the individual who is in charge. Implications such as discrimination and violent crimes committed by police officers would make people con...

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...being apart of the solution is a strategy that has proven to be effective.

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