Essay about Recess As A Child 's Development

Essay about Recess As A Child 's Development

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Why Recess?
Recess has been one of the biggest debates of all time. Some wonder if their children are getting enough time on the playground, and others may think they are getting just enough. However, recess is crucial to a child’s development. Allowing for more time at recess in the schools is beneficial for the student’s well being. Students are more likely to have increased social skills, wellness, and focus. Not only is recess cognitively beneficial, but also physically beneficial. Exercise is healthy, and recess is the best time to go out and move around.
Social Benefits
Recess holds great potential for promoting positive playground and school experiences among children. According to Pellegrini and Glickman, “Recess is one of the few times during the school day when children are free to exhibit a wide range of social competencies – sharing, cooperation, negative and passive language – in context that they see meaningful. Only at recess does the playground become one of the few places where children can actually define and enforce meaningful social interaction during the day. Without recess, children lose an important educational experience.” (1989)
It is almost impossible to have children sit in their desk for almost seven-hours of the day, and only have a fifteen-minute recess. Children are more likely to express his or her own feelings. Allowing the children to express themselves, they are then able to obtain new knowledge and develop proficient oral language skills. The more the children interact with their peers, and then the more likely they are to have stronger communication skills. The theories of Piaget and Vygotsky believes that development actually occurs from the children creating meanings through interc...

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...o of their stress at recess in various ways. For example, recess has always been a time where you can socialize with his or her own peers. Typically, classrooms are often told to be quiet, and there have been circumstances where even the lunchrooms have to be quiet. Students never really get the time in class to talk to their friends, and build serious friendships. However, recess is the perfect place to gain new friends to trust and talk to. While at recess a student could discuss to their peers about what is going on that is stressing them out so much, which could be a beneficial time to relieve from the stress. Students can talk, whisper, or even shout to their peers without getting scolded at. The children for one part of the day have control of their own lives.
The Cons
Some may argue that recess if not necessary, and children need to be in the classroom more.

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