Essay on Reasons of Conspiracy

Essay on Reasons of Conspiracy

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Reasons of Conspiracy

People come up with crazy ideas all the time, many of which are torn apart by scientific evidence. However, some ideas are crafted so precisely and detailed; they are accepted as fact by millions of people. These alternatives to accepted history are known as Conspiracy Theories, and the people who create them are of a special breed. It is difficult to imagine having the time and passion to craft an alternative reason behind many of the world’s events and tragedies, but these people are born to do so. There is a specific recipe for such a person, a carefully crafted powerful concoction that breeds the hatred for government and the quest for the “truth”. Such people have been around for thousands of years, crafting stories from the days of Caesar and Cleopatra, and now there is proof of how such people become Conspiracy Theorists. The financial comfort, military involvement and general adolescent social experiences along with ethnic characteristics cause persons to devote their lives to questioning government and becoming conspiracy theorists.
Conspiracy has been around since recorded history began, the ancient Romans were known to be very involved in questioning government and even action on such, usually resulting in murder or imprisonment. According to the accredited philosophy scholar Victoria E. Pagan, "so self-evident is the impact of conspiracy on the political life of the Romans that they scarcely engaged in a discourse of conspiracy theory that was not embedded in some response to a specific political crisis."(Pagán) Conspiracy has surely captivated the lives of many since the dawn of days and with the creation of the media and the modern ease of information sharing, conspiracy has grown t...

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...ed in fanciful disillusions, what if these conspiracy theories were actual fact and not fiction?

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