American Poets: Biography of E. E. Cummings

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Throughout history there have been many poets and some have succeeded while other didn’t have the same luck. But in history e.e. Cummings has stunned people with his creativity and exposure to the real world and not living in the fantasy people imagine they live in. Cummings was a great poet, and was able to make his own way of writing while he was also involved greatly in the modernist movement. But he demonstrates all his uniqueness in all and every poem, delivering people with knowledge and making them see the world with different eyes as in the poem “Since feeling is first”. Biography Born on October 14, 1894, E. E. Cummings an American poet was born at home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His mother had a great influence on his early interest in art and poetry. His father was a Unitarian clergyman and sociology professor at Harvard. He began his interest in writing poetry during his high school career as early as 1904 and he also began learning language such as Latin and Greek in the Cambridge Latin High School. During this time he also shortened his name from Edward Estlin to E. E (Constantakis). Later in his life he decided that he would use all lower case letters when signing his name. In 1911 Cummings began his studies in Harvard. Throughout his college years he worked as an editor for the literary magazine. This would later influence his paintings and poetry. Cummings left Harvard in 1916 with a master’s degree, his first poems where published the next year in the anthology, Eight Harvard Poets. These poems illustrated his early experiments in style and language for which he later became famous for (Constantakis). During World War I Cumming went to war as a volunteer for an ambulance driver in France. He was la... ... middle of paper ... ...til now has been remembered because of his fascinating writing. Works Cited Everett, Nicholas From The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-century Poetry in English. Ed. Ian Hamiltong. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994. Copyright 1994 by Oxford University Press. Kennedy, Richard S.; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000. Access Date: Sun Mar 18 12:31:47 2001 Copgyright © 2000 American Council of Learned Societies. Publish by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. Constantakis, Sara. "Since Feeling Is First." Poetry for Students. Vol. 34. Detroit: Gale / Cengage Learning, 2008. 171-81. Print. Kirsch, Adams. “The Rebellion of E.E Cummings.” Eimi (Covici, Friede, 1933) The Enormous Room (Liveright, 1922) -

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